Served with Mexican Rice, Refried Beans and Sweet Corn Masa.
No substitutions within combos, please.

Add Sour Cream  $.50 | Add Guacamole  $1.25 | Add Skewer of Baja-style Shrimp (5)  $4.95


  1. Cheese Enchilada $5.95
  2. Taco $5.95
  3. Chile Relleno $6.95
  4. Chicken Tamale $6.95


  1. Taco and Cheese Enchilada $7.95
  2. Two Cheese Enchiladas $7.95
  3. Taco and Chile Relleno $8.95
  4. Two Tacos $7.95
  5. Tostada and Chile Relleno $8.95
  6. Chile Relleno and Cheese Enchilada $8.95
  7. Chicken Tamale and Cheese Enchilada $8.95


  1. Taco, Chile Relleno and Cheese Enchilada $9.95
  2. Taco, Chile Relleno and Mini Tostada $9.95
  3. Chicken Tamale, Mini Tostada and Cheese Enchilada $9.95
  4. Jose’s Mucho Grande Combo $12.95
    Taco, Cheese Enchilada, Mini Burrito (Shredded Chicken or Beef), Chile Relleno.

Cheese Enchilada

Cheddar Jack Cheese and Onions rolled in a Tortilla, baked in Enchilada Sauce


Soft Flour Tortilla or Crispy Corn Tortilla, Seasoned Ground Beef or Shredded Chicken [Replace any Taco with Jose’s Ultimate Taco add $1.95]

Chile Relleno

Fresh Anaheim Chile filled with Cheddar Jack Cheese, fried in Tempura Batter, baked in Ranchero Sauce

Chicken Tamale

Shedded Chicken and Sweet Corn Masa in a Corn Husk


Fried Corn Tortilla with Refried Beans, Ranchero Sauce, Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese, Lettuce, Pico de Gallo and Sour Cream

*Prices may vary by location

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